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Tervetia is fraternity of Latvian students established in April, 1922 in Riga. Our orange-silver-blue colors are translated as: a silvery sun rises in the blue sky after orange dawn.

Colors represent patriotism, honor and lifelong friendship that unite our organization.

History in short

On April 30, 1922 Riga Regional court approved statutes of new fraternity signed by 23 founders, all of them Latvian army officers.

Tervetia guaranteed its rules (Komāns) with Fraternitas Lettica corporation. Close friendship was formed in the following years.

At the beginning only officers were allowed to join the fraternity. External activities increased from 1925, when fraternity joined the P!K! – head organization of student fraternities and were officially recognized between other. Many prominent army representatives were admitted as an honorary members of Tervetia like generals Radziņš and Peniķis, admiral Spāde and others. In 1927 Philister (alumni) association were formed following foundation of Lady committee year before.

Starting from around year 1930, closer friendship with Latvian fraternity Fraternitas Academica is established and it culminates with friendship pact on November 23, 1934.

Three weeks later, on December 15, another friendship pact is signed with Estonian fraternity Ugala.

Soviet occupational government disbands all student organizations, including fraternities and seizes their property. Many members of fraternities with families are arrested, deported or executed.

In July 27, 1946 first significant meeting outside Latvia is held in Germany that agrees to unite remaining active members and alumni members to reach common goals. In 1950s main activities in all fraternities move to North America and 30th anniversary is celebrated at Toronto. Starting from 1953, new member are welcomed once again to Tervetia. Fraternity members never leave intentions to help occupied Latvia.

On May 6, 1989 global presidium of Tervetia decides to re-establish fraternity Tervetia in Latvia due to weakening of Soviet regime and strong movement towards independence inside Latvia. First meeting in Latvia is held on June 24, 1989 and 3 days latter – on June 27, Tervetia is officially reinstated as fraternity at Latvian University. It was done with a great help from fraternity members from free world. The main person to note is honorable philister Pēteris Lapsa from USA, who is behind many important events in recent history. First semester 1990 has found its place in history as time, when 16 new members were admitted in Latvia for first time since World War II.

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We are just one of many traditional academic student corporations in Northern Europe.

Our history

After World War I and War of Independence many army officers started their civilian careers by continuing education at the University of Latvia. All of them were united by desire for new knowledge in order to serve the best service for their country

Academic Fraternities

Student fraternities also known as corporations are academic fraternities of lifelong membership. These organizations are intended to unite new students, strengthen the bonds between younger and older generations and to facilitate spirit of honor, justice and altruism in their own life, work relationships and public activities.

Student fraternities offer their lifelong members hundreds of friends scattered all around the globe, who can help with good advice, job offer or financially.

Every student from university can apply for membership, but only few are accepted by other members. Candidate should demonstrate enthusiasm, maturity and serious attitude towards life.

Fraternities generally are ruled by principle of seniority, docility, readiness to help and decency. Fraternities participate actively in their own cultural, sport and entertainment activities. Many prominent and public persons have been members of fraternities during last hundred years. Not looking to presence of politically active persons, fraternities are steady apolitical organizations.

Each fraternity has its own distinct set of colors and symbols that allows differentiating its members from other.


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