"Let's get together and sing.
Let's raise our voices and sing songs.
That through it the heart and mind rejoice"

Public life

External activities

Corporations jointly organize and attend concerts, theater performances, lectures and sports events. Annual holidays of corporations are celebrated, commemorative events are held. Everyone is certainly aware of the traditional march of corporations on November 18 from the University of Latvia to the Cemetery of the Brethren. On this day, corporations are the first to come to commemorate the fallen.


Our corporation has many interesting household traditions. One of them is the pea evening - on this day, juniors rule the convent. Usually, at this event, the rooms are decorated, the more senior members of the corporation are "honored" in various ways, a lot of beer is consumed and there is no shortage of fun.

Pea evening 1935

The corporation organizes literary evenings with lectures. Every junior must be able to read a paper on a topic assigned to him.

An important place in the life of corporations is occupied by songs, they are used both in official events and in everyday meetings.

Headquarters (K!Dz!)

The headquarters is the place where members can come at any time and where festive acts, official Conventions, informal gatherings take place and the corporation's household is taken care of. There are rooms for juniors, philisters, and a library. The Tervetias headquarters, located on two floors, is located in Riga, Tērbatas street 28.


At the celebration of 100 years of Ugala

Beer traditions


Beer has always been a real student drink, so since the Middle Ages, beer has been used as the main drink in student corporations. This does not necessarily mean that every member of the fraternity is obliged to get drunk.

Quite the opposite! Rules forbid our members to get drunk to an "animated" state in the company of gentlemen or to be under noticeable influence in the presence of ladies. Drink, but don't get drunk - this principle is the basis of all corporate beer drinking traditions. A glass of beer is a unifying factor and stronger drinks are not the main thing here. Any member can declare that he does not drink alcohol at all and no one will offer it to him and only non-alcoholic drinks will be served.

Corporations organize beer tables - visiting each other, making new friends. At such events, which often last past midnight, current issues of social and political life are discussed and songs are sung.