Our motto

rapieri white

cirkelis secondary





Once upon a time, our founders created a description for Tervetia's colors. The description undoubtedly had to reflect their respect for the fatherland and determination to work purposefully and organized for its benefit. The description went well and fraternity of the Latvian officers, who were already students at the time,  held in high regard the name of Latvia as well as mutual helpfulness and friendship.

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What Latvian student organizations stand for

"Taking into account the events of the last few days and the responsibility of the Russian government for the war caused on the territory of Ukraine and the horrors of the war currently taking place in Ukraine, we - Latvian fraternities and sororities, as well as other academic organizations - condemn Russia's aggressive foreign policy, which threatens independent sovereign states, all security of European and NATO member states, and we call on European Union and NATO member states to impose the harshest economic and diplomatic sanctions against Russia..." excerpt from the statement of student organizations issued on March 2, 2022, Riga, Latvia.

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